Reaching breakthroughs in Test cost reduction

D4T Systems enterprise is striving to provide breakthrough solutions for testing of analog mixed-signal integrated circuits. Three pillars are defined which pave the road to cut analog mixed signal test cost in production. D4T Systems strategically integrates knowledge from analog design and knowledge from test engineering into one software package. To help our customers in realizing innovative test solutions, we provide test consultancy and services on chip designs, production data analysis and test improvement and on test tooling. 

D4T Systems Three pillars

D4T Systems mainly has its focus on the frontend (pre-silicon) test development. We believe that test cost reduction starts with a good and complete test plan, test architecture and test validation already available before silicon tape-out. Our products technology is based on simulating the entire test setup as if it was running directly on the tester platform hardware.

product software fanTESTic

Evaluating mixed signal  IC production setups. 

Product for IC production test setup simulation

Automated test-bench and test setup validation using  our tools.
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