Who we are and What we do

The Company

D4T Systems, founded in the Netherlands in 2009, offers software solutions for the semiconductor IC test market. The Company develops test validation software for automating and simulating chip production test programs.

We are an active partner in European innovation programs in which we cooperate with many semiconductor companies. We welcome any new partnership initiative. As young company, it has shown to be able to increase revenues and to become a healthy and profitable company.

Where every new technology node and design complexity introduces new test requirements with improved test quality, lowering the overall test costs becomes a key element in strategic product propositions. D4T Systems addresses these key challenge by introducing new software products which aim to close the gap between analogue test and analogue design. The company invests in the  development of innovative test simulation and validation tools focused on mixed signal IP.
Customer key benefits include first time right test programs, evaluating "what-if" test scenarios and the model driven development approach leads to efficient test simulation and test integration. The customer will get more opportunities for timely design-in wins, validation and product reliability over lifetime.  

Customers and Partnerships

D4T Systems works with a range of companies active in the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain. We are an active partner in European innovation programs in which we cooperate with many semiconductor companies. Amongst others we work with the following companies, institutions and associations.
Companies Institutions Associations
EPCOS University Twente ENIAC
ASML Netherlands Nikhef AENEAS
Atmel Catrene
ST Microelectronics PENTA
Everest BV
Salland Engineering
Orion Engineering


Reducing test cost and improving time to market and product quality for the analogue/mixed-signal IC manufacturer is key in all our efforts. D4T Systems wants to provide a full solution for testing analogue/mixed signal chips to lower test cost and improve test quality. We will develop new software solutions to validate and automate IC production tests early in the design cycle.


We believe that analogue/mixed design and production test must go hand in hand to cut development and test costs. Closing the loop between tester platform and chip design environment is an important driver to lower these costs and to improve product quality. New test tools operating at the boundaries of design environment and tester can challenge todays advancements in analogue circuit testing. 

Management and Founders

The founders have their roots in the high volume IC design and semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Leon van de Logt has a MSc. degree in Applied physics - Semiconductor physics from the University of Technology Eindhoven, The Netherlands. He started to work in audio engineering for medical healthcare where he worked on hearing aid improvement.  He continued his career in the semiconductor/electronics industry as a research scientist in the Philips Research labs. His responsibilities included test innovation and test implementation for a variety of consumer and automotive products. In 2006, he joined NXP semiconductors from the Philips spin off. In this position, he was responsible for the improvement of analogue testing for volume production and had a leading role in the test innovation program in NXP Semiconductors. Next, he joined the University of Technology, Delft as researcher and he has a position in a leading lithography machine company. Leon is holding more than 10 patents in the field of digital and analog testing.
In 2009 he initiated the foundation of D4T Systems as a new start-up.

Vladimir Zivkovic has obtained his graduate electrical engineering degree in microelectronics at the University of Nis, former Yugoslavia in 1994 and PhD degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente, Netherlands in 2001. During his academic career, he has been involved in the research and teaching activities in both analog and digital integrated circuit design and test automation, acquiring his PhD in the field of Hardware-Software Codesign Test.
His corporate experience begun at the National Semiconductor BV, the Netherlands, where he has been carrying out the duties as an IC designer on DECT applications within the research and development group of the company from 2001 until 2004. From 2004 until 2009, he held a position of a Senior DfT architect at Philips Research (subsequently transformed to NXP Semiconductors). His main responsibilities at that position included  applied research and innovations in the area of DfT and test automation for mixed-signal circuits, as well as consultancy and deployment of innovative methods within business units of Philips/NXP Semiconductors.
Vladimir is currently the co-owner of D4T systems. He is also an author of a number of scientific articles published in international IEEE journals including IEEE Design&Test of Computers and Microelectronics Journal as well as in a number of conferences and workshops, including DATE, ETS, VTS and IMSTW.

Company facts

  • Founded in 2009, located in The Netherlands
  • Product offerings include software products to facilitate IC test and test analysis
  • Focused on mixed signal IC test improvement and IC test cost reduction.
  • Founded by Leon van de Logt and Vladimir Zivkovic.